Kari Greenswag, Ph.D., Philosophy

I recently worked with Jen Grogan on an article for submission to a top tier academic journal. Ms. Grogan was professional and clear in all of her communications with me, and the work she did on my article was excellent! Not only did she carefully comb through the entire article, but she made sure it conformed to the journal’s formatting and style guide. All of her larger corrections came with excellent explanations, rather than remaining a bare edit. Ms. Grogan was a pleasure to work with, and I highly recommend her services for any academic who wants to ensure their article is perfectly polished before submission.

Mariah Erlick, Student

I recently worked with Jen Grogan on academic admissions essays. She was very easy to work with, providing clear expectations of when her edits would be completed and always returning my work to me before that time. Ms. Grogan excelled in finding troublesome or overworked sentences and transitions and making them flow smoothly, while making sure the writing remained in my voice. All of her edits were clearly explained, and she welcomed any additional questions. My essays read more clearly, succinctly, and powerfully after her revisions. Having such a capable editor made a stressful application process significantly easier. I highly recommend Ms. Grogan for anybody looking for a competent editing professional.

April French, Writer

I have had the pleasure of working with Jen Grogan since 2011. In that time, Ms. Grogan has proven herself to be the most capable editor I have ever collaborated with. She is keenly aware of all the needs of fiction, particularly of the structural requirement to get the reader from Point A to Point B without stumbling in the telling of the story or straying too far from the narrative – always valuable advice for any author. When I send Ms. Grogan a piece of fiction, be it a short story or a novel chapter, I can always count on getting back a document that has been carefully checked for spelling, grammar, punctuation and continuity, as well as story and character. Her criticisms are sharp and professional, and she is always willing to discuss a plot point or a problem character to find a solution that works best for both author and story. I highly recommend Jen Grogan to anyone looking for a dedicated developmental editor or a copy-editor.

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